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This forum is for people to discuss and discover their Holeman ancestry. This includes Holman, Holleman, and other variants of the spelling. For simplicity, and because it is my own spelling, I use Holeman. Please feel free to use your own spelling when referring generally to all things Hol/e/l/m/a/e/n. It will save a lot of typing.

At the moment there is no content to speak of. Well, there is this old Holman Patriarchs page I resurrected from the old One World Holman Y-DNA Project website:


The Holman Y-DNA Project does still exist and is hosted at Family Tree DNA which is the only place you can have your Y-DNA analyzed. If you are a male with a Holeman or related surname then WE NEED YOU!


The DNA comparison chart is here - my kit is 292045 in the R1b Lineage 2 group.


The R1b Lineage 2 kits all belong to descendants of the Holeman clan originating on the Four Forks of the Yadkin, Rowan County, North Carolina and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. If somebody wants to start a thread about that crowd I’d be happy to discuss it.

Having managed to get this forum operational, I hope now that passersby will leave a note to say hello. If you are reading this and there are no posts besides this message then you have the dubious honor of being able to go first.

The forum is currently hosted on a development server with not a lot of storage space. Until we ‘go live’ later this fall there will not be the ability to upload images but you are able to post links to images hosted on places such as your Google Drive account.

So please create an account and post a note. That way you will be notified of other posts and I’ll send a note when the website is more fully commissioned.

More to Come.
Don Holeman

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